Terms of Use

When you create a profile then you have to submit to these terms:
  1. These terms can be changed without prior notice

  2. You have to be atleast 16 years of age in order to create a profile.

  3. The applying laws may not be broken. If in case of violations, government agencies ask for help then this will be provided, personal data may then also be submitted to these agencies.

  4. The information you submit in your profile has to be correct and up to date.

  5. Metarzanyoujane.be is not accountable for the possible damage of placing a profile. Neither is it for the possible damage of responding to profiles.

  6. Metarzanyoujane may be used at your own risk and cannot be held accountable for any damages received.

  7. Metarzanyoujane.be has the right to change or remove profiles without consent or warning. Also other data(such as in the guestbook,...) on this site can be changed or removed without consent. Removal of profiles may i.e. happen when you harass another member or if a profile turns out to be fake.

  8. Your public communication(eg. your profile, guestbook,...) may not contain personal contact information. Examples are, your home address, email, telephone number,.... However, in your personal communication with others this is allowed.

  9. Multiple profiles for the same member or sharing of a profile with someone else is not permitted.

  10. Commercial messages aren't allowed anywhere

  11. Sending bulk emails, scamming, conning, stalking via this site is not permitted.

  12. Messages that you place on this site or send to others privately cannot have following content : hate, slander, disrespectfulness, racist, sexually tinted, copyrighted, references to illegal software or music, referances to cracks or serialnumbers or any other way to acquire illegal software or music, referances to other sites, illegal activities, pedofilia.

  13. The photo you submit for your profile may only be a photo that has you and you only on it, and your face has to be clearly visible. It cannot be a photo with a copyright on it, photo of children, products, comics, .... etc. Also nudity or any other likewise shocking content is not permitted.

  14. Metarzanyoujane.be ensures the security of the site and its data. We however cannot be held accountable for any damages regarding its members or third parties that are the consequence of inadequate security.

  15. It is possible that in the future information will be logged such as messages and emails, this with only goal of checking if the terms of use of this site or applying laws are not abused. With this we can for example find out wether or not there are fakes, scammers, stalkers, .... and to warn and or remove them in order to keep the site liveable.